So what are the rules of engagement?

The M Model is conceived by investor for investors. The initial rules are very simple and relate to the name of the very same M Model. M synthesizes three investment criteria: Metropolitan, Multifamily for Millennials.

“Sticking to Metropolitan location is important as there is an increasing tendency of the general population to concentrate around urban cores. The time and money spent in commuting, are making people to come back to the cities, where they can also enjoy  other aspects which are absent in the suburbia, as access to culture, top entertainment venues, vibrant nightlife, a diverse gastronomic offer, and an increasingly richer shopping experience.”

Multifamily buildings are designed not for its luxury or it bells and whistles to attract aspirational occupants. Rather the focus is its functionality, convenience of location, and reasonable cost that make possible an urban lifestyles to those who may not be able to pay premiums for ultra expensive real estate.”

“The Millennial generation is not about aspiration, but about flexibility. They are not impressed by brand names, nor by exuberant amenities. In fact they are more concerned with traveling the world and do their free lance activities leveraging on mobility. The M Tower provides active useful amenities, meaning those that cannot be replaced by nearby options which tend to provide better services and facilities. In addition these amenities are profit centers that help keep the operational costs low.”

Traditionally residential developers capture most of the value by delivering lifestyle aspirational properties and shifting the risk back to the unit buyer or investor. The M Model, however, shares the value while lowering the risk simply by enlarging the pie, and sharing it.

The M Model is designed to create a power shift. A game changer that gives back control, timing and profits to those who take the risk and invest.