The Gadgets of the Future are Office Buildings – The Real Deal

August 10, 2016

David Fano, chief product officer of WeWork, has stated that he wants to change the way real estate works. The new ideas he and his team have completely redefined space, and the company’s Time Square location is just a testing site for new technologies.

His idea of an ideal building would be one which you could control entirely through your iPhone, where all the parts are governed by technology. The company is building beacons used by retailers that track movement and connect with user’s iPhone’s, notifying her of certain things based on her area in that building. Such as walking into a conference room you did not reserve, and receiving a notification on your iPhone asking if you would like to reserve another conference room.

Aside from just the buildings metrics, WeWork is also gathering data in and around neighborhoods to see where the next best place to install new spaces should be. Through this backward marketing technique, they can analyze data and see where the best area for WeWork to reach out to would be, increasing their potential to be successful.

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