What Barlignton Plans for Brickell – BISNOW

June 17, 2016

Considering the recent trend of massive and extensive projects, Barlington Group is happy to just make cash flow refurbishing a couple of historic buildings. Currently under contract with 90 SW 8th St. A four-story 45k Sq Ft office and retail building, its the second buy in Brickell thus far, along with Brickell Station, a 10k Sq Ft retail complex purchased by Barlington in 2011. Though they are confident in what their potential could become two 50-story towers in one of Miami’s hottest submarket – they are not interested in starting up such a heavy project this development cycle and will leave the plans for future dates.

As they continue to scout more buying opportunities to hold long term, Barlington is looking to invest not only in Brickell but also the Downtown Miami area, and Little Havana. Brickell’s transformation has proven to be exceptional compared to other areas of Miami and has now become one of the densest neighborhoods in the City, which keeps investors bullish and rental rates high, something promising to outside investors.

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