MTower and Megacenter the Next Step towards a new Reality – BISNOW

Jue 17, 2016

Two oncoming development proposed to the city of Miami have gone swiftly past approval with the Urban Design Review Board this past week and will be under the close eye of city officials in hopes to the green light to break ground.

M-Tower is the proposed 440-unit tower which will sit atop 56 Southwest First St in Downtown Miami. With a potential 637k SF for multi-use residential and commercial real estate, 900 SF of retail, 25k SF of offices and a pool deck. This technologically sound skyscraper is what the new reality of Miami’s projects are going to look like, setting a standard and a trend for many years to come.

Megacenter.jpegAlong with the approval of M-Tower comes the 12-story, 200K SF multi-use Megacenter sitting atop 420 SW 7th St, and 427 SW 8th St. Including its mini storage, plentiful retail and 4 stories of boutique offices, it offers and 8-story residential tower with a rooftop bar sitting over the massive city. Its 57 units and artisitic mural are sure to bring a lot of attention, and set a lot of the trends, that Miami will see in the next few years.

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